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Business Card Holders

September 30, 2017
Business Card Holders

A business card is a road map to opportunity. It is our introduction to the world of wheeling and dealing. It could open up a business partnership or a great new job opening. We spend a lot of time in designing impressive business cards be it from the paper, to the print, we want everything to look impactful. Oftentimes, because of this focus on the card itself, we overlook the card holder and therefore pick anything available in the market. What’s worse, some people make the mistake of keeping their calling cards in the wallet and do not regard the damage it can cause, both to the card and to one’s reputation. As the cliché goes, a first impression is the best impression and your card holder will be long remembered. Consider this; it’s as important as a well-manicured hand!

William Penn has one of the widest ranges of card holders available. From luxury brands such as Montblanc, Lapis Bard to Dalvey of Scotland and Devotie to name a few. With prices that suit every pocket and materials ranging from handmade luxurious Italian leather to surgical stainless steel and lightweight aluminium. The varied designs will leave you spoilt for choice. Shop at William Penn stores spanning the length and breadth of India, apart from its well-stocked online store What’s more, William Penn also offers personalization of your business card with your name and/or the company logo if required.