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Back to Basics : Teaching youngsters the neglected art of writing with a fountain pen

August 14, 2018
Back to Basics : Teaching youngsters the neglected art of writing with a fountain pen

With the advent of the computers and keyboards, youngsters visiting our stores look at us with bewilderment when we at first invite them to try the fountain pen. They take hold of it, albeit rather awkwardly and start scribbling on the tester pad. Then the pen hits the paper and they begin to sense the pure pleasure of writing with it… oh boy! the amazement on their faces is a sight to behold. Private Schools in England insist on children using fountain pens to do their work, except for mathematics where they use pencils, as they have found that these old-fashioned pens have helped boost the academic performance and self –esteem of its pupils.  

Using fountain pens help improve the quality of work because they force the children to take care, to be aware of what they write; and better work naturally leads to improved self-esteem.


joy of writing with a pen

Besides, the fountain pen requires absolutely no pressure on the hand at all in contrast to the death grip, high pressure and right angle way of holding ball pens or pencils. This naturally leads to reduced muscle cramps.

Gone are the days of the old-fashioned fountain pen with broken nibs, leaks, and smudging. Modern pens, with improved technology and manufacturing process, are beautiful to use. There are pens developed specifically for children as they have varied styles of holding a pen. For children, brands such as Pelikano by Pelikan, Faber Castell, Lamy, Schneider and the like. In fact, Pelikan, Lamy and Faber Castell have a nib size called ‘A’ that is specifically made for a beginner.

If you are a newbie in the world of Fountain Pens, here are the tips that can be of great help.

Parents who encourage their children to write with a fountain pen give them the best gift when they buy them a fountain pen. Assuredly, their handwriting would be the best, the pause and think helps them focus on their spelling, improves the hand and brain coordination and generally improves their overall performance. We talk of a paperless world, but this is not true. We still need to have proper handwriting skills. Proper handwriting is as relevant today as it ever has been. And therefore, even in these times of screen touch technology, the joy of writing down on a paper with an amazing pen is always special.  

And now that every pen brand is trying to come up with new ideas, Fountains are evolving better than ever. So teach your children to go back to the basics of inking emotions with a finely crafted nib and hey, don't forget to tell us your experiences. And if you are looking to buy a Fountain Pen, we can help you here. Check out our latest collection of Fountain pens from all the leading brands.  Click here to explore.