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A Short Guide to Corporate Gifting

March 20, 2019
A Short Guide to Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifting is serious business. Gifts are given to clients, partners, and employees for various reasons like the business achieving a benchmark, the company winning an award or celebrating a festival. Though the management may look at gifts and incentives as the same from the budgeting and planning perspectives; they are both different. While gifts are given to all the employees in a company, incentives are given to those employees who have fulfilled certain criteria like meeting a goal or completing a project ahead of the deadline. The management needs to consider various factors and attributes before selecting unique corporate gifts.

Ethics of gifting

The ethics of corporate gifting come into play, especially while giving gifts to clients or partners. Before gifting, you need to verify if there are any policies or regulations in the recipient’s company regarding accepting gifts. In case a negotiation or a proposal bid is going on, then you shouldn’t gift even if it is the festival season. Also, you need to consider the value of the gift you give because lavish gifts could be suspect, both for the gifter and the recipient.

Etiquette of corporate gifting

Keep the following points in mind while choosing unique corporate gifts for clients, employees or partners.

Appropriate – Choose a gift based on the relationship between you and the recipient.

Timing – You need to give the gift at the right time. Holiday and festivals are best times for gifting. You can also gift your employees on their birthday, anniversary, date of joining, completion of project or other important days. Gifting on these occasions will motivate employees to work better.

Customising – Businesses use customised gifts for marketing and advertising purposes. You can gift a pen or wallet with the company’s logo or name engraved on it. Keep the customisation simple and elegant to reflect your company’s brand image.

Choosing the gifts

The popular choices for corporate gifts are laptop bagsmessenger bags, pens, t-shirts, calendar, coffee mugs, organiser planners, and card holders.

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