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A Power-packed Day

January 8, 2019
A Power-packed Day

How’s your morning been? Bristling with the energy of ideas, spiked with a double-shot of enthusiasm, and perseverance sunny side up? Here’s a peek into a certain someone’s. It could even be yours.

6AM : Yawn! Snooze button?Pennline Powerbank Organiser

6.30AM : Gym, gym, gym. Where’s my music? On the phone!

7. 30AM : Shower. More music!

8AM : Enough time for a quick coffee at the quaint coffee shop tucked below the Metro station? Yes! It’ll also give me a chance to make some quick notes for that 10.30 meeting.

8.20AM : Procrastination strikes! Let me use this handy stand on my organizer to watch the highlights of last evening’s EPL match. Uh…there goes my Fantasy League team.

8.30AM : Earphones plugged in, so I drown out the constant chatter of my compatriots on the Metro. Battery level : 70%. No worries! A little juice while on the train is easy

9.15AM : Workday, here I come!

Pennline Powerbank Organiser

9.35AM : Hello, email.

10.AM : First one in to the conference room. As usual. “Phones on the table” intones the big boss. I’m keeping mine on my notebook, innocently :) Wireless charging FTW!

11.AM : Back to 100% on my phone’s battery, courtesy some rapid wireless charging. And all this while I rattled off my presentation, courtesy some pointers in my organizer (yes, I defeated procrastination a few minutes before the other got in to the conference room). Oh, and that 16GB flash drive aboard the organizer was commodious enough (my word of the day) for my rather large Keynote presentation.

12.15PM : An hour for lunch, and I’m already hungry.

12.55PM : Five minutes early, organizer in hand as I head out for lunch, trying to look super busy.

Pennline Powerbank Organiser

13.45PM : Time to call for the bill. Had a wonderful lunch break with some Netflix-ing courtesy that very useful stand again.

13.50PM : The waiter definitely didn’t expect me to pull out my credit card from my organizer. The look on his face was quite priceless.

14.18PM : Email conversations round 2 = battery chew round 2. Can I try and type them out while I wirelessly charge the phone? Nyet. So I guess I’ll just use the strong nylon braided cable that comes with the organizer. Pennline Powerbank Organiser

15.25 : Did I tell you I love doodling? Just.Mindlessly.Doodle.

16.35 : Work! Why does the workday always get more hectic as the end nears?

17.16 : Arrgh! Running out of pages on the organizer. But guess what - I don’t need to ditch it. I can just buy the refill and I’ll be sorted.

Pennline Powerbank Organiser

18.00 : The metro ride back from work. Tired. Wish these seats were wirelessly charged. And I actually got a seat on this ride! And, the gentleman next to me was very curious about this  Pennline organizer of mine, in its eye-catching and very trendy brown. He was more of a  and blue corporate-y kind of guy, so I proceeded to blow his mind by saying he could have it in those colours too. Gave him a rundown of its features. The wireless charging, the robust nylon-braided cable, and the large 4000mAh powerbank that ensures my phone stays charged. The notebook inside that proudly sports today’s doodles. The phone stand that I use more than I should on a working day. And the utility areas for my credit cards and other things. Oh, 

Pennline Powerbank Organiser

and he saw my business card and has grabbed one to reach out to me tomorrow to engage our services. That ride seemed to last for far lesser time than it did.

19.00 : Time to head out and let my hair down. Plugged in the organizer to keep tomorrow interesting and productive, too!

Pennline Powerbank Organiser

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