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A CEO’s Core Essentials to Success

August 19, 2019
A CEO’s Core Essentials to Success

With an influx of protean thinkers who are willing to push the envelope and experiment with dynamic business models, the new-age CEO’s demonstrate ideal organizational goals. They are employee-centric and believe that an organization’s wealth is its employees. They are digital savvy with a knack of discovering products and services that increase their productivity and that complements their status symbol. William Penn with its assemblage of avant-garde premium stationery, writing instruments, and men’s accessories is a collective favorite amongst CEO’s all over the world. Lapis Bard proves to be the perfect destination for urbane luxe CEO’s who like to flaunt their style.

Sharper with Class, an initiative by William Penn, in association with Bloomberg Quint, took pointers from the new-age thinkers on what sets them apart from the rest and what their success mantra was.  The only commonality between the CEO’s, was that they preferred utilizing products from William Penn as it boosted their efficiency and was in par with their status quo. 


Must-Have Essentials for Success

  • Pens, to cash in those big cheques- Penmanship is an art practiced by all the new-age thinkers and an exemplary pen is every CEO’s quintessential. Lapis Bard’s Contemporary Fountain Pen is the voice of luxe pens. The Windsor Fountain Pen with its exquisite craftsmanship and auxiliary pocket watch defines a contemporary CEO.
  • Notebooks, to create billion-dollar ideas- A personal organizer is an integral part of any CEO’s success. Pennline and Quikrite with their revolutionary notebooks include productivity enhancing organizers with power banks, usb drive, inbuilt chargers, and multiple card slots definitely make life easier. What’s amazing is that they have Quikfills that caters to goal-specific to your requirements.
  • Bags, to bag the right opportunity- A CEO’s world on the go, bags play an important role in being functional and stylish. The Ducorium collection of bags from Lapis Bard prove to have the perfect blend of style and utility.



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