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7 Useful Tips To Choose the Right Branded Pens for Gifting!

October 3, 2018
7 Useful Tips To Choose the Right Branded Pens for Gifting!

No matter how technologically advanced we get, gifting a pen is always a good choice. However, while talking about a branded pen for a gift, one has to be aware of the best brands in town. And that can get a little tricky as there are a huge number of brands from all over the world. This might be easy for a person who has a fair idea about different pen brands but it can be pretty confusing for a newbie. But don't worry, if you are thinking about gifting a pen to the special people in your life, we are here. Read on to know some amazing tips for selecting the right branded pen for your loved ones.


1. Know your budget

 The price range of any branded pen can vary widely. So it is very important for you to first and foremostly fix your budget. This will filter your choices and help you get a smarter pick. Also, if you have a particular brand in mind, you can select the collections from the brand that falls under your price range.


2. Your priority

 Get your priorities in line! Yes, while looking for branded pens for gifting, always know what's your priority. Some people might not care much about the look of a pen and pay more attention towards its performance. While for some people, the look of the pen is the most important thing. Either way, you should know what's your priority and then choose the gift. However, you'd be glad to know that most of the branded pens come with great looks along with great writing.

Perks of owning a branded pen

3. Type of pen

While choosing the best pens for gifting, don't forget to understand the cruciality of pen types. A regular Ballpen user might not be comfortable with a new Fountain Pen and vice versa. So do a little writing background check on the person who you are planning to gift and then, choose the pen. For gifting purposes, usually, Fountain Pens are preferred. They look classy and also gives amazing writing experience.

4. The Handwriting Type 

Meisterstück UNICEF Resin Classique Fountain Pen by MONTBLANCIf the person you are gifting the pen is not much of a good handwriting person, you can select a nice Rollerball Pen. They have an easy flow and smooth writing.


5. Purpose of gifting

 While selecting the pens for gifting, don't ignore the purpose. You can choose the type of pen based on the occasion if you are sending a corporate gift then Fountain Pens can be your choice and if you are gifting for a regular user, you always select a nice Rollerball or Ballpoint pen.

6. The pen finish

 You must know that all the leading brands come with great pen finishes. So you can further filter your choices on the basis of what type of pen finish you want. It can be wood, celluloid, metals or resins.


A tip here would be to check the quality of the finish, run your fingers along the length of the pen to judge if it has any rough edges. You can also, select the glossy and matte finish as per your choice.


7. The comfort check

 Whenever buying a pen, you should have a comfort check for them. Hold the pen and see if you are okay with the pen being a little heavy or light. Ideally, the right pen should not feel heavy towards the front or towards the end.


Finding the right pen can become difficult, however, if you are clear on a few things like the ones mentioned above, it becomes easier to choose the pen. Click here to check pens online from brands like Lamy, Hugo Boss, Montblanc, Sailor and many more, we also have amazing combo sets for gifting.