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6 Things to Avoid While Handling a Fountain Pen

November 2, 2018
6 Things to Avoid While Handling a Fountain Pen

Words just look better on paper with Fountain Pens, don't they? However, it's not very easy to handle these precious ones. So in order to save you from making your Fountain Pens messy, we are here with 6 of the most common things to avoid while dealing with these pens. 

1. Putting pressure on the pen

 One common mistake while writing with Fountain Pens can be pressurizing them. This can be due to our everyday use of Ballpoint pens that leave us with the habit of being heavy-handed. This is, of course, a negligible point for the Fountain Pen enthusiasts but if you are a beginner, do keep this in mind. Fountain pens are intricately designed to have free-flowing of ink with its capillary action principle. So newbies, do not go all heavy on your pen, it might also lead to the damage of the nib. 


2. Using that low-quality inkMysterious Blue Ink Bottle by WATERMAN

This is a very common mistake. We somehow tend to invest in good brands while choosing our Fountain Pen but we overlook the importance of the ink quality. We got to remember that if the pen is the car, the ink is its fuel. Your pen would not be able to give its hundred percent if you are using a cheap ink. So yes, take that extra step and pay attention to the ink you are getting for your deary pen. People might end up getting calligraphy ink for their Fountain Pens without even realizing the fact that it may harm the pen's performance and even damage it. Ink for Fountain Pens should be dye based. A useful tip here would be to avoid pigment based inks such as India ink. It looks good on Comic Books not on writing your diary or signing cheques! Usually, most Fountain Pen manufacturers come up with their own brand ink like Sheaffer's Skrip InkWATERMAN's ink etc. You can check out our collection of Fountain Pen inks here

3. The paper conundrum

 This will get better with your personal experience. Using the wrong paper can be a nightmare for Fountain Pen lovers. First, they can absorb the ink and second, they can make the ink bleed on the paper. So the first thing while sitting to write with Fountain Pens must be the selection of the apt paper. You can find notebooks, diaries, journals with Fountain Pen friendly paper. So, avoid choosing a low-quality paper and then blaming your pen.

4. Not servicing your pen

Explore the pleasure of writing with a Fountain Pen

We all must know that Fountain Pens are like machines that need to be well serviced. If you want your pen to last for a longer time and give you the best performance, don't ignore taking care of it. You might be glad to know that William Penn offers pen servicing too! After all, every superhero needs a little reviving process and for your Fountains Pens, a routine cleaning can do the thing!

5. Ignoring the Nib cruciality

The Nib is the heart of the Fountain Pen and can be quite tricky too. So do not make the mistake of not taking it seriously. Whenever not in use, keep your Fountain Pen in a safer place and never, I repeat, NEVER, leave the pen open. Also, the Nib type can totally change your writing experience with Fountain Pens. You should choose the type of nib in accordance with the type of handwriting you have. So go broad, fine or medium with respect to your handwriting.

Are you a Fountain Pen Beginner? Here are a few hacks you might want to know!


6. Not open towards the Fountain Pen club

 Well, the last thing here on the list is (well somewhere we made it up) but we believe is true. Fountain pens have the impression of being very sophisticated and not being youth-ish enough! That is so not true. Yes, Fountain Pens are classy and sometimes, serious looking, however, they can be your best friend for your handwriting. So even though they come with a few "handling" points, they are quite fun to explore. And once you get into the whole Fountain Pen game, you will find a new love for writing! And then you’d realize why pen lovers are so into these magical pens.


So there you are with 5 actual and 1 bonus issue that you may come up with while handling Fountain Pens. All we can say is that a little attention to the pens and you are all set to enjoy a world of precise designing and flawless writing experience. You can check out our entire collection of Fountain Pens here. We have global brands like Mont Blanc, Hugo Boss, LAMY and many more!