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5 Tips For Doctors to Undo the Curse of Bad Handwriting

June 27, 2018
5 Tips For Doctors to Undo the Curse of Bad Handwriting

It's been generations now that Doctors have been infamous for their handwriting. From photo clips of prescriptions to funny memes, Doctors have been time and again facing criticisms among others. And to some extent, it is true, handwriting isn't really the strongest asset for a Doctor. But hey, we aren't here to stretch this further, in fact, we are here to decipher this curse on our Docs and maybe help them a little.   Here are 5 amazing hacks that can help Doctors to come out of the bad handwriting reputation. 

1. Pay attention

We know how doctors are flooded with paperwork for each of their patients and we also know that after a certain number, it becomes tedious to keep writing, however, you must pay attention that your prescription is very important for your patient's health. Keeping this in mind can help you be a little more attentive while writing down the medicine's names. So, in order to reduce the brainstorming activity of the poor chemist person, take time in writing down the prescriptions. This is the most basic and yet an important point here.   

2. Choose your pen wisely1911 Small Blue Gold Trims 14K Fountain Pen by SAILOR

  This can be the most pivotal point here. We might overlook the cruciality of choosing the right pen but it is very important. And don't worry if you aren't quite sure about which pen to choose. Being an expert in dealing with writing instruments, we bring you a few points that can guide you while a good pen. Although we can't really generalize which type of pens are better; Fountain Pens do have certain advantages for improving handwriting.  a) Fountain pens are easy going. These pens don't require much pressure while writing. In fact, if you choose the brand wisely, you will notice how eloquently these pens are engineered to give effortless writing. You can also pay attention to the right nib size/type while trying to improve your handwriting.

  • Extra Fine: Best suited for the one who writes small and neatly.
  • Fine: This is a common nib size/type and is also best suited for writers with small and neat handwriting.
  • Medium: This nib size does well on good quality papers for general writing purposes. This can do good for signing papers.
  • Broad: This type of nib produces more ink on the paper so needs a greater writing speed. It gives smooth writing.

There are also other kinds of nib sizes like calligraphy nibs, flex nibs etc.b) Fountain pens come with a comfortable grip which enhances the writing experience. If you are just starting off, don't miss on these Tips about Fountain Pens for Beginners!  

President 18K Gold Nib Fountain Pen by PLATINUM

3. Know what works for you

It is quintessential to know what suits you. For this, maybe you will have to try out different pens. But once you know your grip, you will be able to improve your handwriting. We'd suggest you to check out a few branded pens to write, almost like a test drive. This will also require time and patience. A pen can be like your wardrobe. It has to go with your style and hence, don't get disappointed if you can't spot your "soul-pen" type instantly. William Penn offers a diverse range of the finest Fountain Pens from well-known brands like LamySailorCARAN D’ACHEHUGO BOSS. You can visit our website to have a look at your favorite brands and decide what can be the most suitable one for you!    


The Advance Fabric Dark Grey Fountain Pen by HUGO BOSS

4. Improve your posture

Much like a physician's prescription to improve posture for back pain issues, improving handwriting requires the right posture too. Some of the basics for the apt posture for good handwriting are sitting in a relaxed and straight position, avoiding slouching back in your chair or leaning forward to the paper, tilting the paper up to the right or left as per which hand you right with etc.  

5. Practice is the key

You won't just improve your handwriting magically. For a Doctor, more than the postures and angles, good handwriting will come with some practice. Make it a habit to not write prescriptions in a rush or in a hasty flow. Practice to slow down and maybe explain each medicine to the patient while writing it down. This will give you some pauses in between which will allow you to slow it down. Practice this with every patient and you will see that you are developing a grip over your handwriting flow. If you need motivation, maybe include improving handwriting as an addition to your Hippocratic Oath! Remember that we all have been through the basics of handwriting while we were in school and we weren’t that bad. This is because we weren’t leading a hectic life back then and writing neatly was an important task. So all we need now is a little polishing on our handwriting skill and we all can do better. In the pictures, we have named some of the finest Fountain Pens that you can totally count on! For more information on these pens, you can always get back to us in the comments below. And don’t forget to check out our Fountain Pens collection here