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(Items 321-356 of 356)


Irrespective of whether you light up and take a puff or not, a lighter is a good tool to keep with you. It is considered one of the everyday carry (EDC) multi-utility tools to have on person, more so if you are an outdoor adventure enthusiast. You can buy lighters online at William Penn.

 What is a lighter?

Simply put, a lighter is a mechanical device, a portable fire starter to be more specific, that allows you to safely, effectively, efficiently and easily make a fire. There could be many reasons for the need to make a fire, the most common one in these times being for smokers to light up. Though we don’t recommend that reason for you to buy lighters online, William Penn has plenty of lighters online for you to take your pick.

 The range

Check out the series of Zippo lighters made of brass and featuring cool graphical designs that make them a collector’s delight.  From zodiac signs and animals to sceneries and other creepy and cute motifs, you can choose any lighter online with the picture that charms you. They are powered by the Zippo premium lighter fluid and come packaged in an environment-friendly gift box. You can buy these lighters online at William Penn.   

Check out the Pennline rechargeable lighter online if safety and economy are your concern. A windproof and flameless lighter, it has a dual plasma pulse ignition arc that can light up almost anything such as candles, wicks, incense sticks and more. It is USB rechargeable and does not need any fuel or chemical for lighting up.

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