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7452 Writing Set With 8 Inks And Accessories



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Genuine Quill Ink Pen, fitted with a steel nib attached to a wooden grip with plain design. Accompanying this quill pen set is are a set of 3 diferent steel nibs. Boxed in a gorgeous gift set with 8 hand ground Italian ink jars and Natural wooden quill pen. A quill pen is a most elegant way to pen a letter or experiment with the art of calligraphy. Pen is made of a natural wood. Pen is approximately 7 inches in length with lovely Grey color. Packaged in a lovely gift box. Set includes One Wooden Quill Pen, Eight Ink bottles and set of 3 different nibs.


  • Nib Material : Stainless Steel

Additional Information

  • Product Colour : Multi Color
  • Base Material : Wood

More Information

  • Manufacturer Name : Rubinato VIA E.Reginato
  • Manufacturer Origin Country : Italy
  • Imported/ Marketed/ Packed By : William penn Pvt Ltd
  • Customer care : 81058 89432 / 78997 64696