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Fountain Pens

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Fountain Pens
Fountain pens come in a wide range of designs- from traditional to contemporary, subtle to outrageous.William Penn online store has all this and more to offer. The pure pleasure of writing can be experienced only with a beautiful fountain pen. Fountain Pens offer what no other form of writing instrument do, they offer the writer supreme comfort. When you write with a fountain pen, you do not apply pressure which means, one does not get writer's cramp - one can write pages after pages without having to stop and flex one's fingers to relieve the spasms. At the William Penn online store. there are fountain pens for the student, for whom it is a academic tool. A well crafted nib adds dramatic variation while scribbling notes, not to mention that it can make even a terrible handwriting look interesting! The Willliam Penn online store, showcases over 17 of the world's best brand of fountain pens, made of various materials ranging from the super strong ABS plastic pens made by Lamy Germany or the precious resin Montblanc pens, the sterling silver Sheaffer Legacy, to the precious gold and platinum pens from Visconti and Caran D'Ache. For a aspiring manager or a successful CEO, William Penn offers pens that are elegant, refined and classy, a pen that makes the wearer look good. For those searching for a pen that fits into their budget or for the extravagant spender, there is something for everyone and the range is sure to delight every fountain pen lover. William Penn online store also has sumptious limited editions for the connoisseur with a discriminating taste and for the ardent devotee seeking a manifestation of his faith. William Penn online store is the only store that has a team of experts to advise you and guide you, should you need any help while buying a pen that suits your personality. William Penn online store is the only online store that offers you the personalization feature where you can get your name engraved on a metal pen making your pen truly yours.