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Ball Point Pens

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Ball point pens
If you have been looking for a good ball point pen to buy online, then your search stops here at the William Penn online store which has a wide selection of ball point pens for you to choose from. Ball point pens are everybody's favourite tool when it comes to taking quick notes. Ball points are pens convenient and easy to carry. Ball point pens or a 'biro' as the American's call it was successfully invented by a Hungarian Jouralist Laszlo Biro in the 1930's it has a ball made of either steel, tungsten carbide or brass on the tip of the cartridge/refill that rotates as it moves on the paper, dispensing ink from the cartridge. Since then, the ball point pen, like the fountain has gone through many changes and evovlved. Today you will find ball point pens made of precious metals such as sliver, gold, platinum to precious resins, lacquer and more from luxury brands such as Caran D'ache, Visconti and Cross for the ever discerning buyer to choose from. Even in this technologically advanced world, the ball point pen is indispensable. Whether it is a student or a businessman, it is a must have tool for everyday living. They are perfect gifts for teachers, professors, parents, friends, bosses. The William Penn online store offers not just a wide range, colours, materials and finishes from top brands of the world, it also is the only store that offers personalized pens where one can get a name engraved to make that gift very special. There are experts available to offer advise and help a buyer make the right choice. William Penn store is the best place to buy ball pen online as it is the only store that offers dependable after sales service.