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When you think about desktop accessories, what comes to mind are the traditional run of the mill accessories like organizers, calendars, paper knives etc. We at William Penn urge you to move away from the ordinary. Think different, think colour and fun. How about a feather on your table to celebrate your success? what's more, you can not only celebrate your success you can write it down too! with our decorative and quaint quills pens from Rubinato, Italy. These quill pens are made from real feathers with a metal nib attached to them so that you can write with it too. These dip and write pens are unique pieces that are sure to draw attention and compliments.Choose from a wide range of modern accessories available at the William Penn online store. For those looking to keep time, there are the stunning time pieces and clocks from Dalvey of Scotland. Made from superior quality surgical steel, these designs are rare and cannot be found elsewhere. These accessories are sure to add a personal flair to your desk.